About Us

Craig, Caren, and Andrew

Craig and Caren met on Christian Mingle in October 2014 and got married in June 2016. Andrew was Caren’s
son from a previous marriage.
Andrew was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2. God impressed on Craig and Caren to pursue healing for
Andrew. As they prayed and sought a closer relationship with Jesus, they saw positive physical changes in
Andrew’s behaviors and daily living skills.
Craig and Caren came to a place in their lives where the sponsored residential program was possible. Upon
further research they decided this was a good way for them to leave their other jobs, be together with
Andrew, and help Andrew achieve more independence and become who God created him to be.
Craig and Caren felt led to help as many others in similar situations as they could and that is how Haven of
Hope began. They have already been able to provide help and information to many families in their
communities and in other states.
The Bible says in Hosea 4:6 we “suffer for the lack of knowledge” and as Craig and Caren pass on this
information to others, their situations change for the better. Because of all these things, Andrew is living the
best life he can live and Craig and Caren want to help others achieve the same for themselves and their
loved one.